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Nana-Figures by Biriney

All figurines are individually designed unique creations! Only one of each figurine is produced; they are all creatively designed and made by hand, with care, from conception to completion. No replicas or copies are made.

The colourfully painted sculptures of women - freely based on the works of Niki de Saint Phalle are a wonderful gift idea for all people who love the joyous Nana figurines! They make for a real eye-catcher, both in your home and on your business premises.

The figurines are made of a special wood mâché which is applied to an armature. Once the material is dry, it is very hard, lends itself to polishing and is also quite light-weight. This is why the figurines themselves are fairly light.
The weather-proof figurines for the garden, however, are made with epoxy resin - synthetic materials. This allows them to be both durable and light-weight.

After the material is completely dry, respectively cured, the surface is smoothed. It is then painted with high-grade artist's paints. The paint has a high brilliancy and is light-resistant. The figurine's surface is finished with a clear varnish. They can therefore be easily cleaned with a moist cloth.

It is possible to commission designs custom-made to your specifications. For any queries, please use the contact form.
For more images, please go to the portfolio on the homepage at: www.Biriney.eu

Copyright notice: The works by Biriney are independent works of art and protected by copyright law, as are the works by Niki de Saint Phalle.